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Experience cellphone issues driving out on the ranch? Have spotty reception going down an old country road? Even just have issues making a call in a dead zone through the city?  An in-car cell phone mobile booster may just be what you need. We don’t usually give much thought to what our cars are really made out of but if you’re in a big metal box with RF reflecting windows, chances are it’ll be detrimental to the signal trying to get to your phone.

How they Work

A mobile booster solves this issue in a similar way that a home cellphone booster works. An outside antenna is mounted inconspicuously to the roof of your car, ran to an amplifier which boosts the signal which feeds an inside antenna signal, and then broadcasted to your phone. In turn, boosted 3G, 4G, and 4G LTE frequencies to help retain strong signal and keep you on a call or just keep your playlists streaming seamlessly.

Will it Work for me?

Keep in mind all cell phone boosters have a key requirement – they must have existing signal in order to improve it. So, if your dozens of miles from civilization or drive through a long tunnel in the mountains, your signal may be weaker or have less consistent performance. A good way to determine if your mobile booster will have an improved result is to see if you have poor but existent signal outside. If so, then your booster will work just fine. If you lose signal entirely for a few miles down the road and don’t get it back after 5-7 miles, then you may need a more powerful booster.

Struggle to keep a call down a dirt road?

Single or Multi-Carrier?

There are different boosters on the market for different situations. Some are carrier specific but have the advantage of being more powerful. With a carrier specific mobile booster, the output power is better as there’s only one carrier to boost. That being said, you can also change the carrier of the booster via an app if your carrier changes. With this kind of “Smart” booster, you could “take the reins” so to speak and monitor incoming signal strength and quality as well as toggle boosted frequencies all in the app.

Others have the advantage of amplifying multiple carriers at a time with multiple users. With this kind of booster, all carriers can get 3G, 4G, and 4G LTE coverage all at once that the amp will take care of for you.


Most installs are painless but can require some handy work when routing cabling and power so it’s a possible DIY job to get you better signal. Though, if your hesitant to pull off or unscrew panels, adjust any seals on your vehicle, or just to find a good spot to place the components, CellTeks can install boosters for almost any vehicle, including RV’s, and get you improved signal in no time.

Even after an install, we can provide you the support you need to fine-tune your system or guide you through the installation process over the phone if need be. Regardless of your needs, CellTeks is the place to go to get support for a booster. Contact our office today through our website to find out more information on giving your signal a boost – in your car – or in your home. Contact us here today!

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