How Much Does It Cost?

How Much Does a Cell Phone Signal Booster Cost?

Unfortunately, like most of today’s technology, it can come at a high price. Just take a look at new phones now surpassing $1,000 in cost. The equipment used to Amplify Cell Phone Signals equally can become a costly investment. There is also the issue of longevity and life-span for this type of technology. Just as quickly as your phones become obsolete, so does the equipment used to broadcast it’s signals. That’s not to say that there isn’t any overlap, or that your new phone won’t work on your older booster system and vice versa. All this means is that almost on a yearly basis there is something new, bigger, and better. Just like phones, that doesn’t mean you need to upgrade every year. All circumstances are different, and many variables come into play. Location, Types of Phones being used, Which Network, Data Usage, and much more can have an impact on how essential it will be to have the ‘latest and greatest’ in equipment.

Now let’s get into how much your upfront cost will be.


If budget is a major concern the lowest priced systems you can get on the market will run you from $250.00-$500.00, we usually call these desktop boosters. Please proceed with caution though. Sometimes you get what you pay for. This is where we advise our clients that what a Manufacturer likes to print on the box are a lot of big promises that don’t often come true. The promises concerning coverage area are grossly misused, typically a system of this price range will get you coverage of maybe a desk or sometimes a small room. If Donor Signal, (Outdoor Signal Strength) isn’t strong enough there are chances this type of system may not work at all.


A step up from these are what we call DIY Home Kits. These range from $500-$1,200 depending on the components, cable, and amplifier. All the systems between $500-$1,200 are pretty basic and usually, come with low-end components. If Donor Signal isn’t strong enough or a system is poorly installed, we have seen on several occasions these types of systems struggle to work. Expect to get 1-3 rooms of coverage from a booster kit in this price range. Once you get above $1,200.00 you start to get into better quality equipment that will provide better coverage and last much longer. Kits in or above the $1,200 range will typically provide coverage to a house in the 1,500-5,000 SQFT range dependent on the interior building materials. Things like Brick, Stone, Metal Appliances, Mirrors, and/or Chimneys can contain the signal into just one room, and extra antennas will be needed to provide more coverage throughout the structure. Additional antennas and components will add to the cost of the entire system.

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$2,000 and up

Once a structure is over 5k SQFT or Donor Signal is too strong, the situation will call for a Commercial Grade Cell Phone Signal Booster. These range from $2,000 and up. This, in turn, can require upgraded cable and components, which can significantly increase cost. These systems will also need to entail custom cable lengths, design, and proper installation. The person or company installing a system of this caliber needs to be thoroughly familiar with RF (Radio Frequency) Technology. If they are not well versed in the subject, there can be many pitfalls. At CellTeks we’ve seen many occasions where an expensive system and equipment was rendered worthless due to poor design and installation. We highly recommend that you seek out a professional opinion and get help so that your hard-earned money is not wasted on a poorly designed system.


Any Structure that is over 500K SQFT need to consider an Active DAS solution. These are robust systems that are directly tied to a Major Carrier’s Network. There are no limits to the amount of coverage area and have the ability to broadcast the cleanest possible signal since it is tied in directly to a Network. Typical candidates for this type of solution are Stadiums, Large Airports, Shopping Malls, High Rise Buildings, and other Large Venues. These systems are definitely not cheap. Most systems of this caliber will run somewhere between $5.00-$10.00 per SQFT.

CellTeks provides custom Turn-Key solutions and not just boxes of equipment. The majority of the time we see these DIY Kits not being properly installed and in turn provides the end user a poor experience. There are so many obstacles that you may encounter if you’ve decided to install a system by yourself. If you are not familiar with this technology than you may be biting off more than you can chew dependent on your situation of course. Often times an Over The Counter Kit sold by most manufacturers won’t come with all necessary components and custom cable lengths. Many People will read the marketing material on a box and think that with just one antenna they will get 15-20K SQFT of coverage area. What they fail to mention is that yes that amplifier has the capability of covering 15-20k SQFT, but needs the necessary components and design for it to work at that capacity. Often Interior building materials prevent these systems from having that big of a coverage footprint. After our Site Survey, we provide an On-Site Demonstration to show exactly how this equipment works and what to expect. We will provide you with several options and give our professional opinion as to which one we suggest. Once a product has been chosen our team will professionally install all equipment with great attention to detail. Our Team Prides ourselves in being a cut above other Integrators as well as other service contractors such as your cable/tv/internet providers. We assure you that everyone at CellTeks will go the extra mile to satisfy our clients.

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At CellTeks our Team has years of experience, manufacturer, and Industry Certifications for this Technology. We have thousands of systems deployed throughout Texas and beyond. All systems that are deployed by us are backed not only by the manufacturers’ warranty but also our CellTeks 360 Protection Plans. Our CellTeks 360 Protection Plan covers every component and the performance of the system. So if ever a storm takes out an antenna, or one day you wake up and see ‘No Service’, all you have to is get a hold of us by submitting ‘Service Call Request‘ on our website or by Calling our office at (830) 249-8999. Once the service ticket is processed we will contact you for firm scheduling and dispatch our Tech’s to your rescue.

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