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Weak indoor cell signal is a major issue affecting thousands of commercial buildings. There are several factors contributing to weak indoor cell signal. The distance and line of sight from a building to the cell tower are critical to resolving your weak indoor cell signal. Even with good line of sight and a tower in close proximity, you may still face challenges due to modern building materials that block cell signal from penetrating the structure.

Materials such as stucco, metal roofing, masonry, Low-E glass are all designed to keep the elements out. Unfortunately, these materials also block RF (your cell signal). A good rule of thumb to remember is, The more energy efficient the Building…The Weaker the Indoor Cell Signal will be.

Commercial signal booster diagram

Now that you understand the causes of weak indoor cell signal, is your business losing revenue and customers by not maximizing employee connectivity? Do team members hang out near windows or go outside to talk on their smartphones?

If so, this is a good indication you have a problem. Does your smartphone light up with text messages and voicemail once you leave the building? Another great indicator of unviable indoor cell signal. These scenarios are most likely costing you productivity and customers.

CellTeks has over a decade of experience in providing Cellular Signal Solutions. We send a team of Cell Signal experts to your site and demonstrate the effectiveness of our solution and gather critical data necessary for us to design a solution for you. CellTeks works with all sizes of businesses to resolve weak cell signals. Fill out a contact us form and one of our experts can go over what you will need to resolve your poor indoor Cellular Signal.

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