Cell Signal Booster FAQ’s

  • Q:  Do your booster systems work for all cellular carriers?

    A: Yes they are approved for use with all major U.S. carriers.
  • Q:  Is a satellite dish required?

    A: No.  Our systems do require an externally mounted donor antenna mounted high enough to afford a good line of sight to the cell tower however it is much smaller than a satellite dish.

  • Q:  Can the donor antenna be mounted in a hidden location?

    A: For optimum booster system performance the donor antenna must have the most unobstructed view possible of nearby cell towers.  It can be located in the most inconspicuous location possible without being tucked out of sight.

  • Q:  Where will the internal system components be mounted?  Are they visible?

    A: The attic or A/V closet is the most common location for the system control panel.  Interior broadcast antennas are typically mounted in the attic and thus not visible from any of the rooms.

  • Q:  Will my internet connection speeds be faster?

    A: Poor signal strength can cause slow mobile internet speeds but other factors can also impact your web browsing experience.  The cell service you’re using and the technology being used (3G, 4G, 4G LTE/AWS) all respond differently to signal strength levels.  Ask your signal booster sales representative for more information.

  • Q:  What do bars mean?

    A: Bars on a cell phone usually are not an accurate measure of cell phone strength.  They are like a gas gauge, they give you an idea of what the signal is, not the actual strength.  You can have two different brands of cell phones next to each other using the same carrier and they might show different bars.  Some carriers have bragged they have more bars than anyone else.  Once the carrier knows you have enough signal to make a call and talk, bars can be displayed anyway they want and the caller does not know the difference.

  • Q: Is there a monthly fee for the booster system?

    A: No. Once the booster system is installed and paid for, you own the system.  We offer an annual renewable CellTeks 360 Protection Plan. This plan offers all the protection you need to keep your system running smoothly and keep those unexpected expenses out of your budget.

  • Q: If I have a booster installed I should never drop a call again right?

    A: Not true. There are many reasons for dropped calls to occur that have nothing  to do with signal strength such as network congestion during peak hours, the carrier performing network testing , etc.  If the cause of your poor indoor cell reception is due to insufficient signal strength a booster system will make a substantial improvement.

Common Troubleshooting FAQ’s

  • Q: Is Wi-Fi Calling enabled?

A: Be sure to double check that Wi-Fi Calling is NOT enabled. This can cause issues with your phone calls and not allow your cell phone to utilize your Cell Signal Booster System.

  • Q: Is your Amplifier receiving power?

A: If your amplifier is easy to get to, we suggest you opening up the box and seeing if it is still revceiving power. There are many instances where a GFCI or circuit breaker trips and causes the amplifier to lose power.

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