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Stay connected on the Road

Are you a road warrior who makes a living behind the wheel? Are you responsible for a fleet of vehicles? Or are you simply looking for peace of mind when driving? We’ve all experienced dropped calls or a garbled conversation on the road.

Distance from the cell tower, poor line of sight, hills and dips or drops in elevation can cause weak cell signal. When staring at your phone while waving it around inside your vehicle isn’t getting you anywhere, it may be time for a better solution!

Vehicle Signal Boosters enhance 3G and 4G LTE signals for any cellular device on all North American carriers’ networks. Mobile cell phone Signal Boosters will keep you connected in those hard-to-reach places when it matters most.

CellTeks cut its teeth in mobile Signal Boosting technology and we’ve truly become experts since 2003. We provide mobile solutions for just about anything that has wheels, pick-ups, RV’s, 5th wheels, food trucks, big rigs, law enforcement vehicles and more. Give us a call if you’d like to discuss a mobile solution for your vehicle.

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