What Causes Cellphone Signal Issues?

With electronics, we may work well with tech, but it doesn’t always work well with us. Our cellular devices consume so much data. With the still coming advancements in cellular connectivity, speed, and availability, there’s more and more room for error when it comes to using it. As with our desktop computers, laptops and tablets, our phones have certain highways that it uses to access data. With cellular frequency being arguably the most used, its also most interfered with. It can be very easily reflected, absorbed and blocked in turn causing cellphone signal issues. With such a widely used technology, how do these variables cause signal issues and how can you remedy them?

How Signal is Broadcasted

We’ll talk about where your signal comes from first. As you may already know, cell signal is broadcasted from towers located throughout small towns, large metro areas, and through vast countrysides. Though you may see A tower, you may not know what carrier’s signal is being broadcasted through it. This would be hard to tell by sight. This could, of course, be determined if it’s your carrier or not when looking at your device’s strength. Though you can see your strength at a good level, another carrier may be on the same tower. So, knowing if there are towers near you may not always help you find better service.

What Causes Interference?


With the variables of what can cause you to have issues, distance from a tower is one of the more obvious issues. As these towers signal strengths fluctuate, the maximum average distance of a tower’s power is only around 15 miles for usable signal. With this varying output strength, even if you’re close by, a tower’s power can be greatly reduced to mitigate interference from other towers using similar frequencies.  So even if you’re in an urban area, where many towers are available, you can still have the same signal issues as if you were miles away.


As with radio interference from other towers is an issue, so is physical interference. Any large structure whether man-made or natural, such as condos, stadiums, apartment buildings or mountains, hills, or valleys, can cause major issues in how RF is broadcasted. Even weather and atmospheric conditions can alter frequency patterns. What becomes more applicable to us is how signal travels through our homes, offices, and even cars.

Building Materials.

With having more available home building materials such as metal or clay tile roofs, concrete and stucco walls and better energy efficiency windows, cell phone signal is left bouncing off your home and back out. In office areas where windows are usually in abundance, you might expect some signal to come through, but some E-Glass has more stopping power than 6-inch concrete! Even in cars where you can usually be close to a door window, the metal box you’re in can have a reflective effect on the RF flying around, causing signal issues, affecting your calls on the road.

CellTeks Can Help

Whether in your home, ranch, office or car there’s a solution to boost the signal by “grabbing” the signal outside and pulling it in wherever you need it. There’s a system for every situation and in your car, you can take it anywhere you drive. At CellTeks we install for homes and business alike and if you come by our office in Boerne, Texas we can outfit your vehicle to have signal on whatever road you take when you roll out the lot! Contact us here today!

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