You can help make a difference too and it won’t cost you a penny! Simply gather up all of your old cell phones and electronics collecting dust and drop them off at CellTeks. If you have a large quantity, contact us and we’ll coordinate a pick up!
The growing problem of “e-waste” is moving responsible electronics companies to take greater steps to properly dispose of and recycle unusable electronic equipment. End of life cell phones and batteries contain toxic materials such as lead, mercury, arsenic, and brominated flame retardant plastics which when simply “thrown away" end up in our landfills. Medical research has identified some of these toxic substances as potentially harmful to animals, plants, and humans.
CellTeks has partnered with charitable organizations, such as our local Battered Womens & Childrens Shelter, to collect used cellular phones and electronics. Each cell phone or electronic device collected results in a cash donation made to the Shelter to provide much needed funds to support the various programs that benefit victims of domestic violence. To date, CellTeks has donated over $28,000.00 to the Shelter. CellTeks invites you to join our win – win – win recycling mission.

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