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Weak indoor cell signal is a major issue affecting thousands of homeowners. There are several factors contributing to weak indoor cell signal. The distance and line of sight from a building to the cell tower are critical to resolving your weak indoor cell signal. Even with good line of sight and a tower in close proximity, you may still face challenges due to modern building materials that block cell signal from penetrating the structure.

Materials such as stucco, metal roofing, masonry, Low-E glass are all designed to keep the elements out. Unfortunately, these materials also block RF (your cell signal). A good rule of thumb to remember is, The Greener the Home…The Weaker the Indoor Cell Signal will be.

Now that you understand the causes of weak indoor cell signal, are you costing yourself time and money by not maximizing your cellular connectivity? Do you hang out near a window or have to go outside to talk on your smartphone? Looking to cut the landline but just aren’t sure your cell phone will be reliable enough inside your home?

If so, these are good indications you have an indoor signal problem. Did you know most alarm companies broadcast a cell signal from a modem inside your home? These scenarios are most likely causing you frustration and possibly jeopardizing your safety.

Whether you’re looking to cover one room or need corner to corner coverage, let the experts at CellTeks solve your weak signal dilemma. We have deployed hundreds of residential Signal Booster systems throughout Texas and can now boast systems in New Mexico and Florida.

Our team of Signal Booster experts are standing by and ready to install your residential signal booster system.

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