Texas Frontier Conquered by Expert Signal Booster Installation Team

In our travels around the great state of Texas, we are privileged to see the “rural” and “rugged” countryside in places where we install many of our signal booster solutions. Texas is home to many ranches where viable cell signal is typically a precious & rare commodity. This is where our expert “Teks” really shine. We engineer solutions that keep you connected to the outside world while enjoying the solitude and privacy of your ranch.


Recently our booster team was approached by a rancher during a brief stop in Junction, TX. Read the following account to see the fun and success that evolved that afternoon.

While enjoying lunch at Cooper’s in Junction, TX, we were approached by a rancher who had spotted the CellTeks service truck parked out front who asked “Do y’all install signal boosters?” “Do they work?” and “Can y’all follow me out to my ranch about 20-25 minutes down the road and do a signal test?” We answered all three questions confidently…YES!

Following the rancher out of town to his acreage took closer to 45 minutes and ended on (this is literal) “Lost Man Road”. As far as the eye could see was ranch land and not much civilization. We were not deterred by the desolate location, although the movie “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” was playing in our heads. After setting up the test equipment, we performed a booster system demonstration that produced 5 BARS of AT&T cell signal service to the rancher’s amazement!


He gave us the go ahead and in a few hours the Signal Booster System was installed, optimized, and performing flawlessly.

Many things can cause a weak or non-existent cell signal other than being a remote location. Have you ever noticed your cell phone not working inside a place of business, your own workplace or even your home? Do you have to go outside to get better reception? This issue is not always related to your carrier’s network. More often than not, the weak signal is caused by poor line of sight to the nearest cell tower or the building itself is blocking the cell signal from penetrating. Every material used in the construction of a building that is meant to increase energy efficiency (metal roof, stucco, radiant barrier, Low-E glass windows), blocks cell signal.

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