Boost Your Signal: On the Open Road
BY Ray

RVs, campers, motor homes, 5th wheels, skoolies, travel trailers. Whichever name you may give these dwellings on wheels, it is undeniable that they are surging in popularity. The #VanLife movement has taken over social media with more than 7.5 million mentions on Instagram alone, and has gained incredible traction with millennials seeking a life filled with exciting experiences and adventure.

This lifestyle is characterized by living in a van or other vehicle, either part-time or full-time. Many vanlifers convert their vehicles into tiny residences by adding amenities like beds, running water, refrigerators, toilets, showers, and cooking appliances. Living out of a vehicle allows the owners to travel at will, pursue their passions, and live an unstructured life of freedom. #VanLife isn’t a new idea, it’s simply the modern-day iteration of a concept as old as humankind: a nomadic lifestyle.

The Call of the Open Road

The dreamy photos have inspired countless followers to sell their belongings and leave their high rent prices or mortgages behind, all with hopes of living their best life. While the images shared on social media are nothing short of drool-worthy, there are a few practical realities one must consider before taking the leap and living on the road full-time.

One of the main challenges of this lifestyle is poor cell coverage in remote areas. This is especially problematic for digital nomads, whose livelihood depends on internet connectivity. A cell phone signal booster kit can be the difference between having zero network coverage and having enough bars to manage your business, keep in touch with long-distance friends, and stream music and movies.

Get Away but Stay In Touch

A cell phone booster is a great addition for many RVers. Although it may seem like a luxury, a stable cellular connection can also become essential if your RV is broken down or you’re experiencing another type of emergency in a remote area.

With the best RV cell phone booster, the existing signal your cell phone picks up will be strengthened so you can reach out to whomever you need. This type of cell signal booster can deal with variable weather conditions and environmental interferences. A signal booster is also great for reducing the likelihood of dropped calls, which can be vital in case of a remote emergency.

When it comes to mobile boosters, our favorite by far is the WeBoost Drive Series. Whichever flavor you choose, Reach, Sleek, OTR, or RV, the Drive line by WeBoost will hook you up with that sweet RF signal. So whether you need to make sure that your photos make it onto Instagram ASAP, or ensure that your mom is able to call and check-in as many times as she likes (to make sure you weren’t eaten by a wild animal)… look no further than CellTeks.

CellTeks cut its teeth in mobile signal boosting technology and we’ve truly become experts since 2003. We provide mobile solutions for just about anything that has wheels, pick-ups, RV’s, 5th wheels, food trucks, big rigs, law enforcement vehicles, and more. We are happy to help you turn your home-on-wheels into a mobile hotspot by pulling in cell signal and serving up enough boost to keep you connected. CellTeks easily connects you to distant cell phone towers to ensure that even when you’re off the beaten path, you can always GPS your way back. Travel with confidence knowing the experts at CellTeks will keep you connected wherever you go. Contact us today!


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