Allison Henning
Manager, IT Procurement
My previous dealings with CellTeks primarily related to maintenance of the numerous cellular devices on our account i.e., replacement phones, broken touch screen repairs, liquid damage, etc. In May of 2010 my department began receiving complaints of little or no cell service at several of our field offices situated across Texas. Office staff literally had to go outside to make and receive phone calls, otherwise time sensitive information was often delayed or missed. This is when I discovered CellTeks also employed an experienced staff of signal booster experts. A site survey and live booster system demonstration was performed at one of our East Texas field offices and the evidence was clear we had found the solution we needed. CellTeks has since installed several booster systems at a number of our locations, and as a result the complaints have now stopped. This year we even asked CellTeks to provide reliable cellular communications for an annual charity event held at a very large outdoor venue where in previous years nobody could use their cell phone. CellTeks is a trusted and reliable business partner I would highly recommend with confidence to anyone in need of improved cell phone reception.

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