Melinda Felts
RPA Real Estate Manager
As a real estate manager for a number of commercial properties I am regularly faced with the challenge of resolving facilities related issues. Recently I began receiving numerous complaints about poor in-building cell phone reception from tenants at Medical Plaza I. Office staff and patients were unable to use their cell phones at all in many areas, particularly on lower floors and elevators. When I began looking for a solution I was referred to CellTeks by another local property management firm who had recently used them to resolve the same problem at one of their buildings. It was readily apparent that Duane of CellTeks was very knowledgeable of cellular booster systems and he was able to answer any questions we had regarding cellular reception, booster system design, and installation. What separated CellTeks from other companies I consulted is they are a local company who was able to provide an on-site demonstration of their system. I had proof that cell signal would be substantially improved before making a commitment to buy. Since having the system installed complaints have ceased. The first tenant I received feedback from had this to say: "Great connection. Received several calls this morning on AT&T phone. Excellent! ! ! !" I would recommend Duane Roundtree and CellTeks with complete confidence to anyone.

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